Neptune FM Controller

Pressure control in water distribution systems is a proven technique for reducing Leakage and the frequency of bursts. Normally, a PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) is set to a fixed outlet pressure to ensure a guaranteed minimum pressure to the critical point in the network during maximum flow conditions. Pressure management using PRV controllers enables pressure to be optimized with changing demand.

NEPTUNE II FM PPF is a Full Modulation electronic controller that enables the pressure into a zone to be controlled between two pre-set values (“low”and “high”) according to the demand (flow rate) or the time of day. This can achieve immediate water savings and enables the PRV to be controlled reliably and safely.



  • Electronic pressure controller with a built-in data logger
  • Time and/or Flow based operating modes with seasonal variations
  • Up to 16 entries each for Time & Flow control table
  • Pulse unit failure detection and automatic response
  • Summer/Winter time adjustment
  • Internally powered with a typical battery life of > 5 years
  • GPRS & local IrDA to USB communications
  • New flexible data logging architecture.
  • Non-volatile flash memory (data retained for 10 years if power fails)
  • Software upgradeable in the field or over the air