Pulse Tester

GCRtech Pulse Tester is designed to test pulse heads and data loggers in the field. The units contains pulse input circuits, buzzer & LED’s to indicate pulses.

The PTXX Pulse test unit can be used, to check that the data logging system is functioning before attaching the digital sensor to the flow meter at site. The PTXX Pulse test unit can save abortive visits and hence reduce installation and routine maintenance costs. It can minimise the risk of losing data due to inadequate checking prior to leaving site after installation of logger and pulse head. The GCRTech pulse test unit is self contained with integral battery and simple to operate.


  • Dual pulse input for testing pulse heads with flow and direction output.
  • Audible Buzzer to indicate pulses
  • Flashing LED to indicate pulses
  • Built in pulse generator
  • Built in magnet for operating reed switch sensors
  • Flow input via push fit terminals and military connectors to suit customer requirements.
  • Built in battery with up to 10 years battery life
  • Fully potted to IP68 environmental protection